Why Dating and Marrying A CEO Is Not Necessarily A Dream

When it comes to business, CEO’s have paramount responsibilities.

While they can delegate ‘minion’ work to their subordinates, a CEO typically has to make sure the business is profiting, and has to oversee the company they run, is operating at its optimal capacity; They are the ultimate decision maker. They hire, fire, attend board meetings, travel, network, and contrary to what you may think, they work around the clock. So what’s it like dating or being married to one? Let’s take a look.

Dating a CEO

Work/Life Balance

Within the first few years of being a CEO, they have to adjust to the “CEO Life” and in some cases, it takes a while to adjust and balance their office responsibilities with the responsibilities of their personal lives at home. This is a reason why many women and men barely see their CEO significant other.

Interruptions and Cancelled Dates

They will most likely be on call and email, so their phones will be attached to them. You two might be at dinner, and if there is fire to be put out, you better believe he or she might have to take a call or excuse himself or herself to remedy the situation. Be also prepared for canceled dinners and dates.

Dating a CEO

Traveling and Scheduling

Since they are traveling and working around the clock, expect no-shows to minor and sometimes major life events. Sometimes it could be a child’s rehearsal or sports match; sometimes it could be a family’s reunion.

Under Scrutiny

CEO’s are under scrutiny, and expected to be performing at optimal results. If something doesn’t go smoothly, they will get the blame, the emotional pressure can take a toll at home. For most couples, it could be a roller coaster of emotions, when the CEO brings work home. You will need to be extra supportive.

Everyone Wants To Be Their Best Friend

CEO’s get recognized and in theory, while this may seem nice, it can get annoying very fast. Expect your CEO getting extra attention from peers and sometimes strangers. Expect your CEO significant other to be just as nice to them. Can you handle the flirtation your CEO significant other WILL receive from attractive individuals- even when you aren’t around to claim him or her?

They Talk and Mean Business

Business is on their mind 24/7. You will probably be hearing a lot of talk about work and the job when you spend quality time together. Be prepared to take an active interest, otherwise, the future won’t be looking good in the cards. The TV will most likely be set on CNN or CNBC.

Late Nights

Most CEO’s are actively involved, and will spend late nights working. Be prepared for nights where you will have dinner alone, and you might have to put the kids to bed yourself.

Face Time and Boring Chit Chat

CEO’s get invited to a lot of social events. This might mean that you might have to make face time and mingle with peers while your CEO significant other works the room.

Unfortunately, some CEO’s do not put their personal relationships first. There are some diamonds in the rough CEO’s that seek a life partner to share in his or her entrepreneurial dream. In some cases, there are successful husband/wife teams that run successful businesses together. The trick is to know how to work closely together and to know what you are getting into without expecting something else.

Originally seen in Forbes by Samantha Daniels, a well known professional matchmaker, President of Samantha’s Table Matchmaking and the author of “Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern Day Matchmaker”.


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