Inside New York Fashion Week: John Paul Ataker

John Paul Ataker’s designs are known for there fine craftsmanship, lavish lines, and elegant detail. Numan Atakar, the Turkish designer behind the John Paul Ataker collection, intends for the brand to “exude confidence, elegance, and a feminine identity”. This was beautifully displayed on the New York Fashion Week runway.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection was inspired by the Black Sea of Turkey. It embraces the hard workers among that sea as well as the natural elements of his homeland. “Ataker’s signature shapes and tailored silhouettes are constructed to enhance the female form while the core attributes of deliberate detailing and sculptural aspects allow the John Paul Ataker woman to feel her most feminine and empowered self”. Gold cord and jacquard was clearly the theme throughout the show as it beautifully complements the black and white organza, viscose, and cotton garments.

View every look of the John Paul Ataker below:


John Paul Ataker’s Madison Avenue shop will host its grand opening on October 2018.


Images via NYFW

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