Meet the Designer Behind Kain New York: A Gift for The Man Who Has Everything

Like many elements of fashion, menswear jewelry has risen and fallen into the style scene, but we are lucky to be living at one of the peaks of its popularity. Although it will certainly never match the high-demand of women’s jewelry, today’s male version offers more cuts, metals, and styles than ever before. From the man who flaunts an elevated and dressed-up demeanor, to the man who rocks the cool street-style, any man has the ability to add a lasting impression to any look with a quality accessory. Kain New York beautifully exemplifies this notion.

Kain New York is “driven by innovation and assertiveness”, adding a strong yet elegant touch to any ensemble. From the quality diamonds to the intricate finish, each piece “symbolizes simplicity, confidence, consistency, power, and inspiration” and will “live with you and change with you each time worn”. The consumer wearing the piece, or “Mr. Kain”, is the modern man ― the man who is unique and loves to stand out. The Kain brand democratizes upscale jewelry and caters to the middle as well as the high-end market while adhering to a luxurious lifestyle.

Vinay S. Krishnani, the creator of Kain New York, was born into the diamond world and was surrounded by hands-on observation of jewelry early in life ― experiencing its deliberate craftsmanship as well as the completed project. Not only does he utilize his years of expertise to finesse his product, but his pride and spirit inspire depth through each piece. We had the opportunity to chat with Krishnani about his collection as well as what keeps him motivated and inspired throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

-Amber Lyons

GG: What steps did you take to get where you are today?

VSK: “Fashion & Style have always caught my eye. Whether accessories or dapper attire – since childhood, I’d always felt a passion in noticing future trends and being a part of them.”

“Being born into the Diamonds & Jewelry industry came with a load of responsibilities. It also offered me the resources required to accomplish practically anything in terms of manufacturing. It took over a year of long days and late nights, working with several different CAD designers & bench jewelers before actually creating the first product.”

“I went from 2 years of putting in late-hours, and ‘all-nighters’ to fully dedicating myself, and my team to focus on Kain full time, and cover all angles.

“Passion and hard-work go hand-in-hand… After a decade of manufacturing diamond jewelry, I realized that I’d never desired to create something so immensely perfect in every detail, as I did with Kain New York.”

GG: What makes Kain New York unique from other men’s jewelry line?

VSK: “It’s been over a decade since Men’s Jewelry first came alive for the masses and in recent years – more so. Street markets and bargain websites have since – sold inexpensive low-quality product – for the students or men who don’t care as much for quality, as opposed to just a temporary look. However, the product in the high-end Men’s / Unisex jewelry sector, or lack thereof, has played a major role in enticing me.”

“The men who are willing to spend high dollars on watches – don’t have much to choose from when it comes to jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for the Jewelry Artisans who currently are a part of this sector; however, Kain has really brought in a whole new character, telling a story like no other.”

“In today’s age, it’s the little things that matter. You don’t have to be known to make an impact, it’s simply in the way you articulate the point you have to make.

“We offer a high-quality product, which is not extremely out of the norm, but still unavailable in any other form.”

“The jewelry caters to simple, trendy & edgy, Women & Men at the same time. The brand is a lifestyle, and this is only the beginning.”

GG: As an entrepreneur, what keeps you motivated?

VSK: “I am a believer. I practice Yoga & meditation, and I truly believe it’s all in the mind. My vision for where Kain is going is simply at another level, and I feel having positivity and good vibes around – is crucial, whether or not things are going your way. Nothing comes easy. I picture where Kain is going, every day.”

GG: Will you have any new products or styles for the Spring season?

VSK: “Absolutely. As difficult as it is too narrow down designs for each collection, we’re very selective, and the next time we launch our collection, it will include 11 new styles of Rings, Earrings, Pendants Cuff-links & Bracelets, in Spring 2018.”

GG: What is your go-to piece from your collection?

VSK: “‘Wicked’ – from the Studded collection, a custom engraved bracelet with an engraving which signifies breaking all boundaries and moving forward.”



GG: What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

VSK: “Letting go. I’m a perfectionist, and I can’t allow a one-off piece of jewelry getting out of production the way it wasn’t supposed to.”

GG: As a designer, where do you find your inspiration?

VSK: “The city that I live in, and the places I travel to. I do travel quite often – at least 200 days a year. This helps me look around and see what’s out there, and create an essence of what’s missing. I have a sincere attachment to New York. Soho, in particular – has the perfect vibe which has brought about Kain.”

GG: How did you feel the first time you saw someone in the streets wearing one of your pieces?

VSK: “We were getting a drink at the bar… I noticed a woman wearing a piece from our most recent collection… ‘Oh that’s a Kain‘, I saidShe got her drink, and said, ‘Yes, I love it’. It was humbling, to say the least.”

GG: What are some men’s jewelry as well as menswear trends we should be on the lookout for?

VSK: “Kain is all about collaboration. I look to reach out to a few pioneers in the fashion industry, and unveil my ideas when it’s time.”

GG: Which menswear clothing brand would perfectly complement Kain New York?

VSK: “This has to range anywhere from a Brioni suit, to Kith StreetwearI believe Brioni’s quality of craftsmanship and focus on simplicity is completely along the lines of Kain’s philosophy. Less is more. “On the other end – I love streetwear. I came across a brand called Kith years ago, to find out – the founder, Ronnie Fieg was my Junior High classmate back in the 90’s. I have been following ever since and watching them grow. Aside from Kith having the perfect vibe to compliment Kain and being unique in its own game, Kith and Ronnie have been an inspiration to me.”

GG: Who have been your biggest mentors?

VSK: “I’m a listener, and I’ve been inspired by many. If I had to choose to thank the one – it would be my brother, Alok.”

GG: What is your life motto?

VSK: “To keep moving forward, always be positive, spread and attract good vibes, live gracefully and let live.”

GG: What advice would you tell your younger-self when you first started Kain?

VSK: “Do what it takes now, instead of waiting til ‘the right time’.”

GG: How does social media play a role in your brand?

VSK: “Social Media is huge. Our team does a great job in getting the product and the character of Mr. Kain out there. Furthermore, this is a great connection to recognize the type of client who shows appreciation for the brand, and interacts with them.”

GG: What is a typical day in your life?

VSK: “Yoga, Meditation, 2-3 hours of meetings, 8-10 hours at the office, followed by notes to round off the day, and sometimes an occasional nightcap.”

GG: How do you unwind?

VSK: “New York City Bars play a role in this process. Nearest to my office is The Royalton hotel bar, with a great selection of Bourbon.”

GG: How has starting Kain New York changed your life?

VSK: “It has shown me and everyone around me – who I am, and what I have been looking for. I simply can’t imagine doing what I did before Kain was born.”

Shop and learn more about the stunning Kain New York collection here.


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