Meet The Designer and Curator Who Is Bringing Indo-Western Fashion into New York City

Meet Kanika Chopra Kumar of KlassiKlozit, a fully curated Indo-Western (From South Asia/ India) Fusion Fashion line based in New York. We sit down and chat with her about her “Pop Up” Shop business model, her design aesthetic, and what it takes to make it in this industry.

Kainika Chopra of KlassiKlozit
Kanika Chopra of KlassiKlozit

GG: How did you come up with the concept of KlassiKlozit?

KC: Love and passion are the two words that best fit the description of how I decided to come up with the concept. KlassiKlozit is a curated platform for supremely talented emerging designers and artists with halls of quality masterwork across the globe.

"I realized that there are so many new designers that deserve the accolades for their unique craft".

As a traveler and an avid shopper, I’ve always been curious about new perspectives in design and fashion. I realized that there are so many new designers that deserve the accolades for their unique craft. I am just trying to provide that platform for them to participate and be able to speak to New York City for now, about who they really are through the expression of their work and style.

I have often been told that my work exudes passion and the closest reference I can assign to myself is of a stylist by soul, and a curator at heart. As a personal stylist and shopper, I realized I love to curate and that is how KlassiKlozit was conceived as the next natural step.

GG: Tell us about your design aesthetic?

KC: Mood centric if I may say that. Personally I’m a bohemian soul and love designs that have the ability to make you look timeless. Every design that I select has spoken to me in some way or the other.

Kanika Chopra Klassi Klozit
Kanika Chopra Klassi Klozit

GG: What are your price points?

KC: I can say it with confidence that the prices I have at KlassiKlozit reflect exactly what a client should spend for it. Never more! I do believe there is fashion that is affordable and absolutely stunning and stylish. Women’s clothing starts at $55 and goes up to a maximum of $285, with an exception of ethnic fusion wear that can go up to $350. Accessories and costume jewelry start at $35 up to $250

GG: How are you able to deliver exceptional quality at these price points?

KC: Quality has always been my priority. You just have to really work hard find the designers and artists that can provide it and that is what KlassiKlozit brings to its clients very easily. The first thing that I get attracted to from a collection is the fabric and color, also the first thing visible to the naked eye. Its challenging to find the perfect combination of best price and quality work, but trust me it exists at KlassiKlozit. I always refer to KlassiKlozit as a collaborated effort between my designers and I.

GG: Who is your ideal client and how do you want women and men to feel when wearing your curation?

KC: Oh I love this question. My ideal client is a wandering soul because I want her or him to be open to self exploration when it comes to fashion (and life)! Unless we do that there is a slim chance of finding what really fits. I feel that your clothes have the power to make you feel anything you want. One that is open to self expression in any style is my ideal client. I want my client to feel confident in my clothes, because there is nothing more sexy that that.


GG: What are some of your best sellers?

KC: As a curator I have sold a lot of harem jumpsuits, bohemian and anti-fit dresses, shift dresses, indo-western fusion wear and some glamorous fine and costume jewelry. Artwork has also been selling well at KlassiKlozit. I usually sell a whole look that has been put together and styled by me, as seen on our models on our social media accounts and that seems to sell really well.

GG: What is your ultimate goal for KlassiKlozit?

KC: My ultimate dream is to run a studio in Soho where all I live between is art and fashion. I do believe it is a matter of time. I am in no race, no hurry. I will continue to work hard and bring fabulous fashion to my clients at great prices and watch them smile. It’s the journey that is super exciting for me right now.

GG: Who are some of your celeb clientele?

KC: All my clients are celebrities to me. Anyone that walks through the door has decided to explore with fashion at KlassiKlozit. That, for me is a true celebrity, a woman or man that has embraced her vulnerabilities to try something new. We need more celebrities like that.

GG: As an entrepreneur, what does your morning routine look like?

KC: I am constantly dealing with designers and clients 24×7. Pretty much the middle person that tries to keep everyone happy. I entertain clients by appointment everyday from my boutique in the city, I handle my online portal and I am constantly organizing pop ups.  It’s something funny but for people who know me well understand this, I say this often, “I curate Art and Fashion, I eat enough, I sleep seldom, I pray often, I breathe fashion. That is my life.”

GG: What is inspiring you right now?

KC: Indian cinema has always been an inspiration to me. I tend to adopt a lot from the 70s and 80s fashion. Right now I’m feeling the structured silhouettes in soft fabrics like silk and satin. This fall is getting me into the mood for sexy, some sequin and some silk.

GG: How do you handle competition in this industry?

KC: I continue to work on my goals. I always see my competition as healthy, everyone should grow and build each other up. It’s easy to get deterred at times but I remind myself that “I am entirely up to myself”. I feel my chanting and yoga everyday definitely contributes to being focused.


GG: What is your personal mantra or business ethos?

KC: Something I tell all my designers and clients,” I would never sell anything that I don’t see on myself.” It is very important for me to sell what I love and something that loves me back. It’s all energy.

GG: How do you stay motivated?

KC: This is my life. It’s effortless and I am very blessed to be able to do what I love. Motivation comes naturally not enforced. What excites me is new designs and styles. I get charged when I see something in fashion that I can’t stop thinking about.

GG: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

KC: KlassiKlozit needs to get more visibility. Organic  visibility is great but sometimes it’s not enough and that is something I need to work on.

GG: When and where is your next pop-up?

KC: Our next event is on August 18th and 19th at 10 Waterside Plaza, Suite 3 K (11am-8pm). Hope to see you all there


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