How Lewis Tan Is Breaking Boundaries in Hollywood

Global Glam Editor-in-Chief Christine Philip and Producer Nicole Kirichanskaya got a chance to catch up with Actor, Director, Model, and Recent Source of Rage Lewis Tan in a New York-Los Angeles connected Skype conversation. On top of telling us some of the information on what went on with the casting of Netflix’s Iron Fist series, we got a chance to find out about Tan’s love for martial arts and traveling, where his passion of acting stemmed from, where the future of diversity in Hollywood is heading, and more.


Credit: Michael Blank
Credit: Michael Blank
Credit: Michael Blank
  • The comic-book issues referenced in the interview are Marvel Team-Up (#64) Featuring Spider-Man and the Daughters of the Daughters of the Dragon! “If Death Be My Destiny!” & The Totally Awesome Hulk (#15).
  • Lexi Alexander is a film and television director, and the first female director to direct a superhero film, Punisher: War Zone.


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  1. He is cute, funny and smart, for sure one to follow in Hollywood. Plus I love that he is wearing a Cartier “Clou” bracelet!!