Editor’s Talk ~ Would You Mind If Your Partner Looked Through Your Phone?

“If you really want to find something, you will find it.” -Anonymous.  Imagine you woke up one morning to find your significant other looking through your cell phone, he or she has been doing it for an hour. You had no time to hide any evidence, delete anything that might be embarrassing, and your entire life is open for grabs. What would the outcome be?  Would you be indifferent? Would you be embarrassed? Would you feel guilty? Would you two even break up? Our cell phones are more personal and private than ever because not only does it contain contacts, photos, and text messages, but it now contains social media accounts, emails, passwords, and even credit card information.

Is That Becky With The Good Hair?
Is That Becky With The Good Hair?

Our team has different opinions and views on this issue on whether this can wreck havoc in relationships.

Christine – Editor

“I think a person’s phone is particularly private, but if he had the need to go through my phone, then I would tell him to be prepared, because I don’t have the time to delete anything.” “Be prepared to see screenshots of articles, quotes I find interesting, man crushes, girl crushes, mirror selfies, texts my girlfriends might send me about the behavior of his friends, images of him when he’s not looking, and other things that could be taken out of context.” “Photos, text messages, emails, and notes on my phone are quite personal.” “I think a lot of the mystery disappears and I wouldn’t want to go through his phone either for this reason.”

Amber – Beauty Editor

“Because communication can easily be lost through text messages, the partner can misread a text message. It can easily open unnecessary arguments and over thinking. Overall, you do not pay my phone bill; therefore, you have no right to go through my phone.”

“I cannot control what other people send me, and I’m bad at deleting past messages {for example, when I was not in a relationship}.” “There is too much personal info such as credit card info, passwords, and so forth.”

Nicole Kirichanskaya  – Editor

“There’s a question that needs to be asked when you’re considering going through someone’s phone: What do you think you’ll find? vs. What do you hope to find? If you want to find proof that I’m sexting someone else, then why are you with me in the first place? But if you want to find out what I like and what I’m interested in, just be upfront and ask me. Going through my phone, means that you’re overly nosy or just insecure. Either way, figure out what you want, and then figure out what’s the right way to go about it.”

Shivani – Contributing Writer

“My initial thought would be, ‘yes’, but at the same time, I don’t know if my partner would be ready to see the way that girls text each about the guys that they are seeing”. “Go in at your own discretion, but you might see stuff about you or your guy friends that you aren’t ready for.”

Kaya – Contributing Writer

“I get annoyed easily just by him asking the question, ‘I mean why do you even want to?’ You have a phone, so use yours.”

Noah – Contributing Writer

“In this day and age, privacy is everything, especially when it comes to technological devices. In my case, I think anything that’s on my phone should be for my eyes only.”


 Male Contributing Writer-  Anonymous

“If she went through my group chats between my guy friends and me, she might have grounds for breaking up, because I don’t think she understands how men sometimes joke around.”

Sophia – PR and Fashion Editor

“Our phones are now extensions of ourselves so if my partner were to go through my phone without my permission, it would be an invasion of my privacy! However, I think trust is crucial to any successful relationship and I would strive to be open with my partner so that he wouldn’t need to look through my phone in the first place.”



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