These 6 Podcasts Will Sharpen Your Mind and Unleash Your Inner Detective

Podcasts are great, but there are 100 that are the “top podcasts” on the podcast ITunes app. Someone has to narrow them down. Here are the most interesting and mind capturing podcasts that will sharpen your mind and unleash your inner detective.

By Erin Stark

How These 6 Podcasts Will Sharpen Your Mind and Unleash Your Inner Detective, Via


Here is where to start:


How These 6 Podcasts Will Sharpen Your Mind and Unleash Your Inner Detective, Via
  1. Serial

I know, I know. It has been all the hype for the past few years. The hype is worth it; this is a fantastic podcast that will have you begging for even more details. It also will make you want to reconsider your career path and go back to school to be a private investigator or an investigative journalist. It is the best of the best; and a real trend setter. It will start pulling you into the intrigue of crime podcasts and all they can teach you about the United State’s legal system and social climate. This podcast is sure to spark conversation; it is worth giving it a listen at the same pace as friends. It’s like a book club minus having to have your eyes open. This podcast will keep you on your toes and leave you with questions after every episode.


2. Up & Vanished

This podcast is similar to the Serial podcast because it’s about one case. Tara Grinstead goes missing after a beauty pageant in 2005 and it’s been a mystery ever since. This cold case will have you at the edge of your seat. It will make any long flight go by quickly and maybe even make you want to stay on the plane to finish it up. She has some  suspicious ex boyfriends. Are they worth looking into? Was it a random crime?



  1. The Generation Why Podcast

This podcast is different and for those of you with short attention spans because it concerns a different case on every single episode. There are some concerning cases in the world’s history that people have never heard of. This podcast brings many of those to our attention. It will make you wary



  1. S-Town

This podcast will throw your mind around in the best way. You will think one thing and change your mind within the episode. It’s an interesting podcast that will keep you on the edge of your seat and is sure to speed up your travel time. It delves into the secrets of the south and a man’s journey in “S-Town.” We all have been to a small town that makes us wonder what happens behind closed doors. Here is a look into a man’s story and the famed “S-Town.”

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience

There are countless Joe Rogan podcasts that are interesting and sure to open your mind. Rogan interviews talented and intelligent humans with his thought provoking questions. It is a podcast that is sure to open your mind and give some substance to your long drive/flight.



  1. Sword and Scale

This podcast looks into psychology of the monsters that exist in the world. They put emphasis on real life monsters. This podcast isn’t for people who freak out easily, but it is for people who are interested in why criminals do the things they do. I don’t recommend listening to this one at night. It is sure to satisfy any interest you may have on the monsters silently existing in society.


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  1. These are podcasts that i would have never thought to listen to but i am so intrigued and want to listen to asap!