6 Necessary Ways to Recharge as an Entrepreneur

Being their own boss, creating their own schedule, and basically following their own rules —entrepreneurship seems like a flexible occupation. However, it’s clear that it’s not always the case. The down-side of working as an entrepreneur, at any level of experience, can include lack of income security, long working hours, decision making, competition against larger companies, and much more. Although patience, strong work ethic, focus, and positivity play a role in a successful business, self-care is the most important contribution.  It’s so easy for over-dedication to take a toil on the entrepreneur, physically and mentally, but there are ways to cope in order to have a healthier well-being. In the long run, this will stabilize the business.

-Amber Lyons


The first step of de-stressing is understanding its direct cause. As listed above, there are so many negative factors of being a small business owner. By first identifying the issue, then either combating them head-on or coming back to them with a clearer mind, you can take care of the small problems and move on the big, positive picture that is your business.


This can be difficult to avoid as majority of businesses are conducted through the internet and social media. However, it’s important to take the eyes of the screen and reflect on the outside world. Escaping to nature and fresh air will clear the mind and give the worker a focused understanding on the issues or tasks that must be handled.



Whether it’s on the clock or during breaks, classical music is proven to slow-down the heart rate and lower blood pressure. A Beck or Beethoven composition can also helps the brain develop the feeling of comfort.



An amazing way to blow off steams is going for run, lifting weights, or attending a workout session. Working out releases endorphins which will enable relaxation, energy, and positive thoughts.


It is expected for entrepreneurs to work long hours, which results in minimal rest. However, in the long run, lack of sleep will be counterproductive. The recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep will keep the body energized and de-stressed for the next workday.



Yes, it is annoying to constantly hear when someone says “just breathe” when in a stressful situation, but it is true that slow, deep breathing works wonders for calmness. Just slowly inhale, hold the breath, and exhale for 3 to 5 sets. It’s crucial to practice this, even when not stressed, in order lower the blood pressure and remove body tension.


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