How to Fashionably Style Prints and Patterns

A powerful language of its own, fashion is an attitude-driven, creative form of self-expression with a tendency to change unpredictably and frequently without ever having to justify its direction. Fashion is the music of perception, and an elusive concept that many are profoundly in love with. And even its seemingly minuscule segments such as a particular texture, line or pattern can leave an impact and resonate through ages to come.

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Among many influential designers and blogging fashionistas around the globe, every season has its own peaks of creation that every single fashion lover will agree on. This year in particular has been fruitful and innovative when it comes to several bold print choices that will dominate the streets and the catwalk alike.

-Sophia Smith

Hopelessly Dotty About Polka Dots

When Miss America and our beloved Minnie Mouse began flaunting these charming spots back in the late twenties, the trend became an instant hit that lasted to this very day, and will surely reign for ages to come. From the early days of Dior who immediately recognized the value of this lovely yet delicate pattern, all the way to the curvy Marilyn who wore it with pride, the modern version remains equally powerful and seductive.

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In the words of Marc Jacobs who loves the polka ever since it took center stage: “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.” The latest collections by Dolce and Gabbana worn by none other than Kate Middleton is a modern-day commemoration of the polka dot, and a perfect example of timeless femininity.

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Balenciaga, $1650

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Twitterpated by Florals

The pastoral world of bohemia once gave birth to the versatile, everlasting flowers that captured the devotion of many renowned names, such as Desigual and Mary Katrantzou. The young and rising voices of bloggers also praise the floral trend, and among them, the vintage-loving Charlotte whose preference for flowers spans from layered skirts to single-shoulder tops.

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However, the current twist on the old-fashioned soft hues now adds a more prominent, daring palette. Sunset orange and deep red, neon blue and emerald green, mixed and matched with light textures and nature-inspired fabrics, and this vivid print is bound to dominate your wardrobe for months on end.

Images by Fashion Gone Rouge, Fashion Gone Rouge, and  Fashion Gone Rouge

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The Perpetual Passion for Stripes

Follow in the playful footsteps of Tory Burch and wear stripes of every kind! Eye-catching, endlessly diverse, plain or vivid, lines haven’t made a comeback simply because they’ve never gone out of style to begin with. They can be worn in flattering asymmetry or combined with monochrome garments, but they are sure to be as overpowering as they are subtle.

Image by Vogue, Southern Curls and Pearls,and Blog Luvin’

From fashionistas such as Pandora Sykes to summer-inspired Krystal’s favorites, the chic spirit of the French Riviera includes every fashion taste from minimalism to urban street-style. The seaside mood and the laid-back yet sophisticated essence of stripes have become a focus even for major brands such as Faithfull clothing as they embody the effortless elegance every fashion-lover dreams of.

Images by Manrepealer,Wolfe and Ordinance,  and Manrepealer

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The Hypnotizing Power of Illusion

Last, but surely not least relevant for the season, the numerous varieties of optical illusion prints that rely on futuristic, retro and ethnic elements at the same time, all seem to be cherished by some of the boldest names in fashion. Slightly psychedelic, but even more so alluring, these combs can entrance even the pickiest style creators. Noa Raviv dazzled with exotic 3D pieces resembling the elusive marine life and their head-spinning colors and shapes.

Images by Vogue,S-Media, and Vogue

Moreover, Emilio Pucci and Massimo Giorgetti both stole the spotlight with their collections that offer a whole array of combination options. Melting in the style of Salvador Dali, or edgy and sharp for a more futuristic feel of jigsaw puzzles and contrasting shades, the abstract palette of prints is among the top fashion picks that is bound to stay.

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Author Bio: Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and style blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly in fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles.

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