The Frock ~ How These Two Designers are Elevating Modest Fashion

In our adoration and appreciation of Modest Fashion, Global Glam Magazine reached out to the lovely and stylish creators, Simi Polonsky and Chaya Chanin, of the fashion brand The Frock to ask them some questions, and of course, gain some much desired fashion advice.

How did The Frock initially come about?

We were both working for other companies at the time. Chaya was selling high end watches and I (Simi) was a personal stylist at a boutique. After a while working at our respective jobs we were felt the thirst to create and do something of our own. We wanted to express our individuality and creativity the way we were, not according to someone else. The market was lacking clothing that could seamlessly fit into a modest wardrobe without ‘disturbing’ the fashion police so we began with creating what we felt our wardrobes were missing, and realized there was a demand for the items, on a much bigger scale.

What are some words you would use to describe The Frock’s personal aesthetic?





Foundational clothing, yet with interest

Pieces that provide familiarity, strength, confidence, but that also ask a bit of a question, adding interest and spark to foundational clothing.

The Frock Collection is comprised of dresses and skirts that will become your second skin, the essential pieces that won’t take up any brain space – pieces we believe in.

We add interest and spark to foundational clothing by fusing where we’ve come from, with who we are today.

Functional article of clothing – with a seamless, no fuss attitude.

The Frock

What are some examples of ways you can incorporate current fashion trends to fit in with modest fashion?

Layering a spaghetti strap slip dress over a tank top, or a bustier over our #Signatureslip dress.

The Frock

What are some misconceptions that you believe that some individuals associate with the concept of “modest fashion”? In your opinion, how are these misconceptions inaccurate?

Most people stereotype modest fashion to be old- fashioned and dowdy. It’s also a common misconception that ‘modest dressing’ is limited to a particular religious or ethnic group – many have just had enough of the spaghetti strap, bare all everything look and taken up the more covered up look as a style preference.

The misconception that long skirts represent women’s anti liberation, and acres of material impede progress, is getting bulldozed by the new wave of feminism where women dress for themselves, whether that is covered up or not, and not for the male gaze- that is female empowerment.

The Frock

What were some reactions, positive and negative, you received about your clothing label that surprised or interested you?

When we first started wearing pants under dresses, many within our community were horrified because it is not a style that is valued for them, which we respect. We don’t try to push our views on anyone. On the flip side, the way we dress, and what we share has inspired women who are looking to dress more modestly but who don’t want to forgo their individuality.

What does dressing modestly mean to you?

It’s less about the measurements, and more about an attitude. It’s about having the sensitivity of where you are, who you are, the way you conduct yourself and the ability to respect yourself- it can be expressed in different ways depending on the person.

What are some major trends you see coming up in the fashion industry?

Bright colors! Big, wide leg long pants which will be great under our SIlkyT.

What are some essential items every woman needs to have in her closet?

A slip dress, and slip skirt.

For both of you, who are some of your fashion icons/inspirers?

Leandra Medine

The Frock

What are some of your favorite fashion labels? Celine, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Rosie Assoulin

Do you believe your clothing brand only appeals to Orthodox Jewish women and/or women who follow religious guidelines when it comes to selecting their wardrobes? If no, please explain.

While we have a large following in the Jewish community, we believe our collection appeals to a much larger audience of women who are looking for modest versions of the latest trends in fashion.

Women are also just done with dressing in a way that they have to bare all- they are embracing their own unique style, even if it is covered up.

What do you want people to know about your brand and about other fashion labels that promote modest, yet chic fashion designs?

I think they want to get to know us, as people, that we are relatable and regular people who have a love of fashion, and a passion to share that modesty is a new wave of feminism.

What are five words you would use to describe the future of modest fashion?

Feminism, empowerment, a new language.

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