How This Cold Sauna Lets You Burn 800 Calories in 3 Minutes ~ The Beauty of Cryotherapy


Want to know what Gigi Hadid, Lindsey Lohan, Derek Hough, Cristiano Renaldo, Alicia Keys, and the New York Knicks all have in common? They practice “the most advanced recovery therapy in the US” to relieve sore muscles after all their hard work. Founded in Japan in 2009, Cryotherapy is a full-body recovery treatment that has swept the medical world over ever since.

Cryotherapy Treatment is a 2-3 minute exposure to sub-zero temperatures. This causes the body to release endorphins, which serves as a natural pain and stress reliever. Also, when the cold stimulates the body in this way, circulation is enhanced creating a more rapid healing process. Even if you are not quite as active as these celebrities and athletes, the body can ache from numerous causes, and this treatment can give your body the relief and positive impact that it deserves. These five benefits of Cryotherapy that are sure to leave you booking your next session.

-Amber Lyons

1. Recovery

Obvious cryotherapy is mostly used by professional athletes whose bodies deal with a great deal of stress and fatigue. Not only will this therapy help athletes (or any active person for that matter) develop a quick recovery, but the cool oxygen during the treatment relieves inflammation, swelling, and injury. Because the treatment provides such a speedy recovery, the workout results are boosted to the greatest potential.

2. Weight Loss

The treatment can also be used as a natural calorie burner (up to 800 calories per session) because of the increased circulation of blood, increased metabolism, and the flushed toxins. Just don’t forget the most important factors to a healthy weight loss: clean eating and exercise.

3. Sleep Aid

Because of the release of endorphins, which mildly sedate the body, you will easily fall to sleep and remain asleep. As stated before, cryotherapy is best known for reducing pain, which in turn will cause a pleasant night’s sleep.

4. Stress Relief

it’s no secret that maintaining physical health plays an essential role in mental health. As it relieves the body from physical stress, it also decreases mental stress because the released endorphins positively impact the nervous system. This is ideal for reducing anxiety and depression as well as increasing cognitive functions, inner balance, and uplifted mood.

5. Anti-Aging

Image by Salon Spa

Increasing blood circulation and stimulating collagen, cryotherapy is also keen in preventing skin imperfections and creating a youthful, even complexion. Because of the constant oxygen flow, the skin will be left hydrated and glowing.

Where to find Cryotherapy?

New York

NYC Cryo

Advanced Cryo NYC


The Cryo Crib
US Cyrotherapy

Polar Cryotherapy


 How much is a cryotherapy session?

Each session can range from $20 to $75 per session. Many locations will offer discounts for first-timers and package deals.

What are the side-effects of cryotherapy

Understandably, sitting in severally low temperatures can cause discomfort throughout the session. Because of the dead skin removal, the skin can undergo temporary redness and irritation; however, the redness is replaced with upgraded, radiant skin hours later.


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