Slay With This Year’s Fashion-Forward Tech Gift Guide


The holidays are officially here, and with Black Friday right around the corner, you want to get that special gift for your loved ones with no hassle. We’re so lucky to be living in an era where shoving through crowds and waiting in long lines is no longer the only option for holiday shopping. During the holiday season, as well as any time of the year, you can research, browse, and shop from the comfort of your own home.

With the evolution of shopping comes the evolution of gifts, and some of the most sought-after gifts are tech-driven. Feast your eyes on the latest and most fashionable gifts that the loved ones need in their lives.

-Amber Lyons


Flont, $299 Per Month

Get the jewelry-lover on your list a gift card and membership to this start-up fashion tech company. Flont allows members to unlimitedly borrow the finest jewelry pieces from Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard and other top brands. They believe in ”Jewelry as a Service” or JaaS, so along with the quality product, the experience is crucial in running this brand. Fairtrade and sustainability are also at the height of importance, and they provide the designers with upfront financing and they receive a constant cash flow. If she wants to keep it, she can purchase the piece at a discount with the gift card. It’s almost as if she chose the gift herself. For $100 credit, type in GlobalGlam as the promo code for months of January and February.


Apple, $999

The phone that had the world raving made its release just in time for the holidays, and it is guaranteed to make you the most beloved gift-giver to whichever lucky person receives it. Still can’t justify spending $999 on a cell phone? Read here to see just what makes the iPhone X so amazing.


Le Mini Macaron, £34.99

Your favorite sweet can now turn your nails into eye candy. Not only is it an adorable, baked goods-inspired beauty gadget, but it is quick and long-lasting. For that glamour girl who’s always on the go, this is the perfect gift. Plus, it makes for an adorable and Instagramable manicure shot.


Sprocket, $129.95

Speaking of Instagram, they can print their most-“liked” photos in just moments with this handy printer. It’s available in chic colors red, rose gold, yellow gold, black, and violet to fit anyone’s style.


Tile Style Pro, $34.99

Do you have a friend who’s always losing his or her phone while on silent? Well, this handy gadget will solve that issue and makes for a stylish keychain.


QBracelet, $149

Another example of fashionable and functional, this lightweight bracelet seamlessly charges an iPhone. It comes in sizes small and medium and colors rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and matte black ― ideal for any fashionista and any outfit.


Molami Bight, $45

Perfect for the music lover, these fashionable earbuds will be a go-to during the daily commute or workout. It’s available in black and white, and it featured glamourous gold hardware, so it goes perfectly with any outfit.


Kate Spade, $225

Finally, a smartwatch that doesn’t scream, “smartwatch”. This watch is a perfect way track your movement as well as stay stylish.


Google, $79.99

Give your loved one a comfortable yet eye-opening virtual reality experience that he or she will never forget. With the portable and easy-to-use headset and remote, your loved one can step into exciting worlds, engage in fun games, and view dynamic productions


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