10 Fashion Tech Startups to Discover Now

Technology allows users to have a stress free, convenient experience from his or her home. Therefore, this field has proven tremendous growth and, as a result, many startups are entering.

Also, it’s no secret that fashion has always been one of the largest industries, so it’s incredible that companies are merging both. Discover the hottest startups that deliver tech into the fashion world.

-Amber Lyons


From unique statements to classic staples, this fashion tech company allows members to unlimitedly borrow some of the finest jewelry pieces from Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard and other top brands. If the customer discovers that she wants to keep it, she can purchase the piece at a discount. Flont believes in”Jewelry as a Service” or JaaS, so along with quality product, experience is crucial in running this brand. Fair trade and sustainability is also at the height of importance. For example, they provide the designers with upfront financing and they receive a constant cash flow.

Image via Flont


Launching this season in New York City, Romio is a platform for users to book quality services in the fashion or any industry. This company is committed to recommending only the most exceptional businesses. How it works is the user will make a search for a service, and Romio will reach out to experts in that area or field in order to receive the best recommendations.

Image via Romio


Also known as “The Shazam for Clothes”, this London-based mobile app allows the user to upload an image of a garment. Then a team of experts will find complementing pieces to create the perfect ensemble.

Image via ASAP54



Take the stress out of online shopping by trying before you buy. This company utilizes mobile body screening to create a precise avatar of the users body and a “Smart” 3D model of the garment. The user can now have true visualization of the fit and details via smartphone.

Image via Perfitly


Think Google Analytics for creatives. This New York City based data platform gives fashion brands the best insight to appeal to target market demands.

Image via Trendalytics



Described as “the Tinder for Shopping”, this app allows fashion brands to connect with top-tier influencers and consumers an instant shopping experience.

Image via In/Spree


Through 3D printing technology and disruptive solutions, users can conveniently find their perfectly fitted bra. The smartphone first scans the chest to get precise data. Then the patent algorithm creates the unique design based on the shape of the breast. Lastly, 3D-printed bra pads are created. The pads are made to be added to the bras from partner brands for the most comfortable, made-to-measure lingerie.

Image via Endeer



These period-proof, workout panties can be used as an alternative or backup to pads, tampons, cups etc. They also feature bacteria fighting, absorbent technology for a stress-free workout session.


Image via Thinx



This aren’t the friendship bracelets that you grew up with. These smart-jewelry bracelets fashionably teaches young girls how to code as well as communicate and make friends.

Image via jewell Bpts


This environmentally-friendly manufacturing company uses 3D knitting machine to create clean, quality garment. Therefore, this will reduce waste and inventory cost.

Image via Appalatch


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  1. Wow intressting startups! I am most intressted to try Thinx because I am so curious of how that will work. But if I ever get to try I would do it first ar home!😂

  2. unreal the world today! Such amazing start ups – shopping has completely changed with the advent of technology, and what I truly like is the reduction in challenges for people who are mobility impaired. Thanks for sharing, this was a fascinating read!

  3. I am pretty excited and amazed at all the applications and their capabilities but the one that struck me as the most incredible was the perfitly. I am so excited to try this and see how accurate the body scan and dimensions are when I receive the clothing and compare.

  4. Imagine using an app exclusively to purchase jewelry. Could anyone have envisaged this at the start of the tech boom. These various apps will soon see the death of stores as physical locations where face to face interactions occur.

  5. They’re great, but my favourites definitely Endeer, because I can’t for the life of me find a bra that fits perfectly, and Jewelbots, because I was super awkward while growing up and would have appreciated some help at making friends! Also, so good to teach girls how to code. We need more women in tech!

  6. Thanks for sharing this app to me. It will be easier for me to mix my clothes ( the toughest moment in life). This article is really helpful. Thank you