Shalini Vadhera Launches Your Global To Passport Beauty Box ~ Time To Get In All The Beauty Hacks

Shalini Vadhera Launches Your Global Passport To Beauty Box, where she discovers all things beautiful from around the world.

Talk about celebrating global beauty one destination at a time! We are all familiar with Shalini as global beauty expert, celebrity makeup artist, and best selling author of Passport To Beauty, not to mention having seen her in numerous magazines and television appearances including The View, Dr. Oz, CBS Early Show, The Today Show to name a few. She has built her career on empowering and inspiring women all around the globe to live their best life from the inside out. As an avid traveler, she experiences new cultures and discovers the ancient beauty secrets that have been passed down for centuries. She is truly the epitome of Global Glam.

We sat down with Shalini in Cannes, during the most glamorous event of the year, the Cannes Film Festival, where she debuted her beautiful global beauty box, and we got a firsthand look, feel, and taste of what’s to come your way, and you are going to love it.

Global Glam EIC Christine Philip and Passport To Beauty Box CEO Shalini Vadhera
Global Glam EIC Christine Philip and Passport To Beauty Box CEO Shalini Vadhera

Why We Love It? Shalini’s personally curates each Passport To Beauty Box that will come right to their door every 8 weeks. Each box will be full of exclusive beauty secrets & products from a new destination around the globe, and the first destination takes a stroll down the Spanish Riviera in Barcelona, Spain! Every box includes a collection of products inspired by the destination. We absolutely loved the face oil that includes vitamins F, A, C, E, and many more antioxidants. It’s like a mini fountain of youth in a bottle.

Passport To Beauty Box


Shalini travels to all of these beautiful places and discovers all the amazing beauty hacks and secrets because these women know how to look and live beautifully! You receive an exclusive box at your doorstep filled with exotic, authentic, and glamorous beauty secrets and products from around the world.

Get a world of curated, international beauty products and secrets delivered right to you.

Box 1: Take a stroll down the Spanish Riviera while finding your inspiration in a city that celebrates the beauty of art. It’s here you’ll discover the secrets of the sexy Catalan women.

Passport To Beauty Box

Box 2: Tibet. A mystical journey within is on the horizon as Shalini embarks on the rituals of Tibetan beauties who know that secrets lay on the inside as much as the outward.

Passport To Beauty Box

Box 3: Buenos Aires, You will be feeling the passion and heat pulsate in this beauty box.

Curated beauty products from around the world sent right to you, plus free shipping

“I know you’ll fall in love with the world as much as I have, so get your passports ready and join me on this worldwide exploration of beauty. I can’t wait for you to get your first box. Bon voyage!”

Stay beautiful,

-Shalini Vadhera

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